About Interstate Supply Company
It is our belief that has been strengthened with years of experience that none of the services offered are complete without a universal feature i.e. Customer Satisfaction. We combine this element with all others that we have, to present a customized package for our customers who have never found a reason to look for alternatives since we first served them.

Since our inception in 1989 we are serving our customers with good and prompt supply of our products. We believe in customer satisfaction. Our main motto of business is quality goods and economy rates.
About Industrial Lubricants
Industrial lubricants may either come in liquid or solid state. The types of liquid or fluid industrial lubricants include oils, coolants and refrigerants. The coolant you use in your car also fall under this category.
About Automotive Lubricants
Traditionally, the lubricants used in automobiles are derived from refined crude oil or petroleum. Later on, synthetic lubricants were developed not only for cars, but also for other machineries that need lubrication.
OEM Approvals
Official endorsements from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that confirm a particular refinishing system or paint product has met their requirements and quality standards.